handy dandy notebook #4

Originally written today while my students were resting…

putting out feelers…

Over a year ago, I was new to an established circle of friends. Each of the three were different and brought different things to the table. I grew close to them. I had a falling out with 2 of the 3 and just merely lost touch with the 3rd because I didn’t know where I fit in and how she felt about my differences with the 1 & 2.

Within the last few months, number 2 and i have had a superficial FB relationship. Not bad, just random messages here and there. Number 3 contacted me this week and wants to meet for dinner. We texted back and forth for a bit to catch up before dinner was even brought up. I accepted the invitation. I am excited and a bit apprehensive at the same time. I am hoping that number 3 is sincere and wants to catch up. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking that number 3 was sent to get info on my current life and goings on. Number 1 is sneaky and I want nothing to do with her. Also, I see that number 3 had been interacting with my ex. That strikes me as odd because they never interacted before and he expressed major disgust for all 3 and has warned me to be careful with them. (That was before, when we were together…NOT recently!)

So, I’ll go…hope for the best and see what happens. If I still am wierded out, nothing more will come out of it. We shall see…


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