handy dandy notebook #3

Originally written last Wednesday, while my students were resting…

I haven’t been in too many serious relationships. I’ve dated people here and there, had one very long dysfunctional relationship and most recently was engaged to be married. Luckily, I split before we got married. Whew, that would have turned out worse than it did. So anyhow, in retrospect, I have learned alot and gained experience from both. Some decisions I wish I could change. My relationship with Tony, I believed that I was better off WITH him than single. HA! With JB, I settled, plain and simple!

In my current relationship, yes its new, but its like a breath of fresh air. Although I welcome it, I am a bit scared. Here are some things that I am not used to at ALL…

A man that…
*walks my dog
*wants to go WITH ME to walk my dog
*washes and folds all the laundry
*buys me flowers
*leaves random notes around the house
*waits til I sit down to start eating
*opens doors
*tells me how beautiful I am
*shares feelings, good and bad
*takes initiative on ANYTHING!!

It all feels so right. Could this be what I’ve been waiting for for so long? Is this why our paths crossed again after so many years? Whatever it is, I’m not questioning it, I’m running with it. I don’t want it to end…


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