laugh it off…

Last time I checked, the year was 2009, not 1959. Right?

There’s this black lady in my building, always been cordial; speak when we pass, had a few short conversations, etc. We never had a beef or evil looks or anything. She saw him and I walking out of my apartment, we passed
each other in the courtyard. I spoke, she ignored me! Btw…he is black too! 🙂 Few days later, we are inches from each other in the courtyard. I say, “Good Morning, how are you?” Same thing, no response. So, because the dude I’m seeing is black, you won’t even acknowledge my presence? Well guess what sweetheart, he wouldn’t have picked you anyways. There’s a reason he’s with me!

I even asked my white gay neighbor upstairs, who also has a black boyfriend. Does she ignore you too? NOPE! Like Jennifer said, maybe I’m the white girl who has to pay for some evil thing that was done to her in the past by some other white chick. It used to make me really upset, but I just laugh it off now! I hardly even get stares or comments from white poeple anymore. It was usually older white men and women, but now it’s mostly black women of all ages that HATE!


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