daylight shmaylight…

Most people are hating the Daylight Saving Time! I do dislike one aspect, losing one hour of sleep. However, because I get home so late…I love that it is still light outside. I feel so much more productive. Today, I came home and walked Otis for about a half hour! He loved it. I loved it! People are out, walking their dogs, excersising and whatnot! It’s a beautiful thing!

Now the sleep, on the other hand, boy lemme tell ya! Him (not Otis)and I were lounging all weekend. Nothing at all productive…napping on and off, watching tv, laying around, etc. Sooooo, when it’s time to actually go to bed on Sunday night, am I tired? Of course not!! I could not and DID NOT fall asleep until after 3am. I tried everything; watching TV, taking a shower, doing dumb surveys on FB, turning the TV off…nothing worked. Luckily, I was able to take a nap on my lunch break and I re-upped until tonite! I should crash during “Dancing with the Stars”! I hope so!


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