confessions of me…

Valentine’s Day celebration included going to see “Confessions of a Shopaholic” with the sister sibs. We pull up to the Bella Terra and I have NEVER seen that many people there. Holy Moly! Each line at the ticket window was at least 30 deep. Luckily, we got tickets and decent (well, sorta…story to come) seats.
Movie was super cute. Good movie to see with my sisters. We don’t really do stuff like that, the three of us. I will not spoil the ending, but it was cute. A feel good movie!
BUT, behind us was the WORST movie patron known to MAN. The most obnoxious lady, laughed at parts that were NOT even funny. And when she laughed it was sooooo loud and over the top AND she was a snorter. To top it off? After each laugh, she sighed. Ahhhhhh! Are you fucking kidding me? The whole entire movie! Except when her friend went to the restroom, it mysteriously STOPPED. WTF? She got several glares, shushes, snide remarks, the whole bit. But did she stop? Noooooooo! We missed a few lines in the movie because of her loud ass! We were happy to get in the car away from her, where it was quiet. It was like we were being punked or something. YIKES!

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