Happy? Valentine’s Day…

When you work with kids…it’s always happy, right? Usually…unless it’s a rainy day Friday with 24 kids and a birthday party and we CAN’T go outside!

Does anyone understand my pain?

The kids are always SUPER giving. It looks like Valentine’s Day threw up on my desk. They were not even half way through passing things out! I got entirely toooo much chocolate, laffy taffy, cards galore, a hippo and loads of homemade goodies. They make it all worth while. We called it a day with the Charlie Brown Valentine DVD! Sahhh-weeeet!

Tomorrow will be bittersweet for me. Hanging out with the sister sibs. Dinner and movies, I believe. May be tricky with the dinner sitch though. We shall see! I love my sibs, but there is someone else I would much rather be with. It’s just not our time yet. Soooooon! 🙂 Patience is something I have had to practice alot lately! He’s worth the wait! 🙂


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