hooooty hoooo!

follow the funk from the skunk that is crunk in the dungeon, it goes on and on and on…

oh sorry, i was caught in a song!

Why am I such a night owl? It’s 1am, I’m not sleepy and my mind is going a meeeeelion miles a minute! Sooo, why not blog about it?

Things to do Saturday…

1. Wash the ‘Hoe…well, get her washed that is!
2. Take back one set of shelves and get sale price for the others!
3. Find a cute top to wear to Bethy’s Birthday Extravaganza!
4. Take O’ to the dog park. I still haven’t been there since those fuckers broke into my truck!
5. Do Bethy’s make up! So honored that she asked me! 🙂
6. Wash a couple loads of laundry, namely the jeans I want to wear!!
7. Excercise? Depending on how my herpetic eye feels!
8. Dye my hair!

Whew that’s alot! Let’s see what all I can get accomplished! I’m going to light some candles, lay down and see if I can read ’til I fall asleep! Hopefully THAT doesn’t strain my eye too much! UGH, the complexity of it all!



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