who are you? super spade?

Last night a friend and I went to see Gran Torino. Best movie that I have seen in a while! Clint Eastwood is sooooo racist in the movie. But the words that come out of his mouth are hilarious. For some reason, it wasn’t offensive. I think because he was so blatant, it just didn’t sound real! It’s a must see. I was thinking my siblings and I should take me dad. He’s a HUGE Eastwood fan! He’d love it!

After that, we didn’t want to go home. A drive down 2nd Street wasn’t too promising..looked like a ghost town! Sooooo, my idea was to go to O’Malleys, an Irish pub in Seal Beach. Mind you, it’s already 1am. So we are in for a show. We go in, I pee and then we sit toward the back. Talk a while then we are moved to the front because of last call! We get to watch all the drunken freaks walk into the door, trying to get out, hugging each other, “I love you man!”, random girl comes to sit with us like she’s known us for years, random dude starts tell us how he has so many samoan, hawaiian and filipino friends. The bouncer was hawaiian or something and didn’t like this guy. The stories were so stereotypical. So I asked him…is you best friend black!?? LMAO, he didn’t hear me though! Oh well! They kicked us out right before 2am and off we went!



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