walk, walk it out…

ok, so i’ve made a commitment to myself to lose some weight. i originally pledged to lose 10lbs. by 2/28/09. i was just tryna be realistic! well, guess what…i think i may indeed surpass that! wooo hoo!

when i was on weight watchers in previous years and numerous occasions, i found that walking was a good way for me to exercise. then i came upon leslie sansone and her line of walking DVDs. you mean i can walk in my own home? why yes!!! she has different types of walking DVDs; some with kick boxing, jogging, power mile, 5k, 30 min. walk, weight training…you name it.

so, i blew the dust off of old leslie and got out my tennies. i’ve done the DVDs the last 3 nights after work annnnnnd today at lunch. luckily a fellow teacher agreed that it would be a good idea to walk during half of our lunch. woo hoo…a work out buddie! thanks brooke! annnd, i don’t have to look like an idiot..we can work out in our new activity room with a 52 in. flat screen with surround sound. can you tell i’m pumped?!? i am just hoping that the momentum and motivation do NOT STOP!

ohhh, and i bought a pedometer. trying to take 10,000 steps a day! wish me luck!


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