karma’s a bitch…

a friend and i were having a conversation about karma today. regardless of our conversation, karma came back and bit my ass hard today!!

i went to the dog park, as i always do. today it was especially crowded so i had to park on a lil dirt road a lil ways from the parking lot. after being at the dog park for about 10 minutes, someone told me that my truck was broken into. WTF?!?!?! dumb ass katy left her louis vuitton purse on the floor in the backseat. they broke the passenger backseat window and took my purse. the truck next to me was broken into as well!

i hate the world right about now! i am very thankful that a friend came to my rescue and took me to get a new window. without him, i would be at a loss…even more than i am! my purse had extreme sentimental value and cannot be replaced. i will strive to get a new one..someday…but it will never mean the same as the one that got stolen!

hopefully this is not a snippet of what’s to come for me in ’09. if so, im SCREWED!!


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