genie in a bottle…

i have a new best friend!

my urban decay
eyeshadow primer potion!

it has got to be the best thing ever made! i have tried eyeshadow primers in the past and they were hard to work with, changed the color of my shadows, etc. i read about this one and i always saw it at sephora. a few weeks ago, i decide to try it out. the handy helper sales associate at sephora gave me a sample, which they will give you if you ask! i tried it the night of my birthday. it was great! my eyelids tend to get greasy and all the color ends up in my crease! tsk tsk tsk! i hate that! this fixes that.

i had a sephora e-gift card that i had been hoarding for a rainy day. guess what? its been rainin‘ folks! so among other things, i got it! today was the test. i wore it under my smoky eye for my christmas luncheon. then i came home and fell asleep for about 3 hours. woke up, eye makeup still looks like it did when i first applied it! HOLY MOLY! why did i wait so long?

fyi…anyone that uses this! when i was searching around online to find out more about this product. i came across a blog which tells about the oddly shaped bottle. the inside of the bottle mimics the outside. BAD NEWS! this means that the “potion” gets stuck in the grooves and curves, unable to be reached by the wand. sooooo, take a knife to that bad boy, open it up and scoop out the stuff you can’t get to. folks, we are in an economic crisis. you got to stretch your stuff OUT. after you scoop out the treasure, you can put in a lil‘ travel pot. GENIUS, i tell you!

**disclaimer…i was not paid for the above advertisement!**


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