its just RAIN people…

why is it, when it rains in southerna california…the whole world stops and every citizen becomes an idiot? the only thing on the news is “STORM WATCH 2008” and they interview people in the rain, show pictures of traffic, track the storm like its a freegin’ tornado..uuggh! not to mention that folks DO NOT know how to drive! gawd forbid you have to drive on the freeway. all you have to do is drive with caution, that doesnt mean go 25 on the freeway.

maybe we should focus on things more important. like the mudslides in fire stricken areas, floods due to lack of maintenance and most important…THE DAMAGE DONE TO MY BULLETIN BOARD!

what you are seeing is a brick wall with a 25 ft. long bulletin board on it. this portion had a sight word train on it. i removed part of it to save from the rain. i should be lucky that the leak was not right in the center of the classroom on my kids! when my board dries, it will be a tad wrinkly but the color doesn’t run because i invested in fadeless paper. yaaay me!


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