200th post..Bday Recap!

Ghost hunting was a BUST! we drove all the way out to blackstar canyon and the co-workers didn’t wanna get out of the car. we did talk to some teenage kids coming out of the canyon and they said they didn’t have any paranormal experiences. i wanna go back during the day and then maybe revisit at night. just so i know what my surroundings are…

however, we did go to the bat bridge. this bridge has over 1500 bats living in/under it. we went at night, bats are all up under that bridge. had to really look to see them in the crevace, but they were there. and the noise they make? a real high pitched squeek sound. NUTS!

saturday, i spent most of the day in bed. i had the worst headache EVER.

sunday, i went shopping with my sister. then went to 2nd street for some more shopping on my own. came home…did laundry, dyed my hair, walked the dog and got ready for dinner with the family. whew! off to cheesecake factory..always a yummy experience. soooo many things to choose from. i worked it out though.

then on to M.O.F. (my other family)house. the Bradleys! we chilled and hung out for a few hours and then it was time for bed! awwww yea!

p.s. i must admit i was pretty sad most of sunday though. i miss my mom. i wish she was here to share more birthdays with me!


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