neighbors pitch in…

yesterday i was at jennifers. we were on a beer and food run, we come back to the pad, pull into her driveway and see a commotion across the street. she yells, what happened? as she says that, i see smoke billowing out of the back of the house. all the neighbors are outside yelling at the people inside to come out. turns out, the people in the house consist of a 250 lb. teenage severly autistic boy and a near 90 yr. old man. the front security door was locked. neighbors were busting out windows trying to get in. finally they pull the boy out of a bedroom window. he appears oblivious as to what is going on. they sit him on the grass, legs all cut up from the window.

next is grandpa, a sheriff and a few guys are still inside the smoke filled house looking for him. when they found him, he wouldnt come out because he thought the boy was still inside. he finally sees the boy outside and is coerced out the window. finally the fire department comes. i must admit i was a bit let down. the way the sheriffs and fire department handled it all. we were trying to tell them who was out and that there still may be one boy inside and that the boy was autistic and cut up. they didnt wanna hear any of it. just wanted us out of the way. i felt so helpless. so we went back across the street to watch from afar. then a sheriff came over and told us to go in the house. wtf? whatever.

turns out, there wasnt a third boy. everyone got out safely, except for the boys cuts. the family had many many cats and all of them but three survived. two of the three survivors that i saw were in pretty bad shape though. we didnt find out what started the fire, but the fire fighters pulled out a hamper and a trashcan that were engulfed, so who knows.

really scary and puts alot of things into perspective.


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