Blog Action Day 2008-poverty in the LBC…

Today is Blog Action Day and the topic is poverty.

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According to Wikipedia, poverty is the deprivation of life’s neccessities; drinkable water, shelter and food. This may also include the the deprivation of opportunities to learn, to obtain better employment to escape poverty, and/or to enjoy the respect of fellow citizens.

Alot of folks are now walking the thin line of poverty. This economic crisis that we are going through is NO joke. Everyone is making sacrifices. Just last week, I went out to eat $1 tacos with my sister. The whole parking lot is usually packed at SHORELINE VILLAGE. It was like a ghost town. People are just holding onto their money. It is a very scary time.

Two of my co-workers have adopted a local homeless man. They take him food and provide for him on a weekly basis. Just this last week, he did not accept the food that they had made for him. Hmmmmm. Kind of puts things into perspective. They drove around to try and give away the lunch. No one would take it. Are we too proud? Will we accept the help when needed? Ask yourself those questions.

In these rough times, I am thankful that I do not have kids! I could not imagine going through it with another life to worry about. Otis has his issues, but he is not as expensive as a child.

Hopefully after the upcoming election, some changes will be made and things will turn around. Until then, rub them pennies together and plant some money trees!


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