inconsiderate parking…

I’m fully aware of the lack of adequate parking on the street in my neighborhood. If I do not get home at a decent hour, I will NOT find a spot near my apartment. This is guaranteed! So last night, I get home around 11:30 p.m. and just as I thought, there’s no where to park. I have been told that I can park in the alley and block the manager’s garage, to avoid walking 2 or 3 blocks at night by myself. Buttttttt, nooooooo….the lazy asshole upstairs parks there just because its footsteps from his apartment. He gets home before 6pm everyday, and there IS parking then. He was in that spot last night. I ended up having to park on the next street over and 2 blocks away. I made it home safely, but as I was walking….I saw 3 potential spaces. I was not able to utilize them because the people that parked their, on either side, parked right in the middle or did not pull up to the person in front. Leaving alllll kindsa a space, but not enough space for a car! Thiiiissss makes me soooooooo mad! I cannot fathom the thought process. Either you don’t know HOW to park? Or is it you are just inconsiderate and don’t want others near your car? UUUUGHHH!
ok, I’m finished…I needed to vent!
let it go!


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