i did it…

all the worrying for nothing. my biggest fear? being in my classroom and disrupting all the folks that I share the room with. my kids were wonderful. i do have to figure out a technique to get all of their attention when the noise level gets too high. i think i just may have something up my sleeve though.

i had one lil‘ holy moly child go home because he was barfing. some sorta stomach virus. i can already tell that he is going to take alot of my attention. there’s always a couple, right? 🙂

ok, so here are the pics of my room. i’m sorry that i took them AFTER we had already stacked the chairs. my bad! just look past it wouldja? hee hee! that’s my lonnnng wall with the longest bulletin board on it! i didn’t really get a close up. the blue board has a sight word train on it. we will add those, a few at a time. they know most of them, so it will be a review. the yellow board…i will just put their work on. the orange blank papers will serve as borders/frames!
this is the back of the room. my cleo-bearded dragon resides there! 🙂 you can also see all my paper and my safety board and our emergency exit door with the manner wall on it! lol
this is the “wall of doom”. here in lies the doom…its not really a wall! it’s a rolling, panel partition. this is what i covered in FABRIC. what a headache. i do not intend on changing the fabric at all during the year. maybe the borders…but definitely NOT the fabric. tooooooo much work and the staples don’t really like to stick into the panel. do you love how i already put some “work” up? i can’t stand the board bare!!!
so there it is…my new home away from home until JUNE!

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