i’m baaaaack…

due to recent events, i had to borrow Van’s volvo. shortly after i returned it, i got this email. please read the correspondence! pretty funny! Scroll to the bottom then read up…you know how emails go! 🙂

OMG, you faded me. This was the funniest shit EVER. Me and Jen we’re both crackin’ up. I think we may have gotten “The Real Slim Katy” back. Her Funny Ass seems to have been away for a minute due to some dumb ass mutha fuckin nigga tryin to steal her happy! SHE’S BACK Though!!! Now we just need to have an old fashion cops and mad tv session!Love You Lil Sis!!!!!

PS. You don’t owe me shit nigga! I was jus fuckin witcha. 🙂

——Original Message——
From: Katy
To: Bill B.
Subject: Re: We need to send you a bill…
Sent: Aug 8, 2008 7:14 PM

To Whom it May Concern;

Before I returned the said rental, I checked the trusty gauge and it didn’t appear that the gauge moved. However, it may not be as trusty the brochure stated. Please expect a check in the mail for gas utilized for the 2 days of rental. How does $15.00 sound? Do you think that will cover until the next renter comes to pick it up or until the street sweeper comes (whichever comes first)? Thank you for your correspondence!

Katherine Marie Stine
Loyal Customer

——Original Message—–
To: Katy
From: Bill B.
Subject: We need to send you a bill…
Sent: August 8, 2008 6:26 PM

Hi Ms. Stine,

We need your address so that we can send you a bill for the gas that you did not replace in one of our rental cars. Please respond or we will have to contact trans union!

The Billing Dept.


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