Happy 76th…

Dear Mom…

Alot has gone on since your last birthday. Somethings you were probably watching down, shaking your head at me. but i made it through. its still a rough road for me, but im trekking ahead.

My “true” friends have stuck by me. giving me honest opinions and much needed advice. some i listen to, some i do not. HARDHEADED!

The sibs and i are getting along pretty well. we all see each other at least once a week. we still try to do dinners on sunday too! we wish you were still with us and miss you everyday. i keep you in my heart.

some happy memories to share…

*i got in a fight in the 8th grade with this bajiggity chick that tried to bully everyone. the nun called my mom…it was a bad day for mary jane already. the nun told my mom that our punishment was to eat lunch together for a week. mary jane had my back and told that nun…they will not eat together, well unless you want a rematch!

*i loved all the food she made. most recipes i try to emulate now! not so much the liver and onions though! YIKES!

*she used to play with me in the front yard. she’d sit on the front steps and i would ride my bike up and down the sidewalk. everytime i’d pass by she’d place an “order”. i would ride my bike to the “store” and place her imaginary order! she fostered my imagination!

*the princess mukka…the tall big bed! we only got to sleep there if we were sick! why do you always feel more comfy in your mom’s bed?



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