betcha didn’t know…

heres some randomness about miss katy that not your average joe knows…

+ my big toe was almost cut off when i was a baby. i lost circulation in it because a hair was embedded under the skin. i still have a scar!

* i DON’T know how to swim!

+ i once layed in the street because someone dared me to..come on i was like 7 yrs old!

* because i’m left handed, in elementary school, when i had to WRITE a report…i would tape a coffee filter around my pinky so that the ink wouldnt smudge.

+ i prefer spring water to purified!

* i’ve moved 6 times in the last 4 years!

+ i love everything that is PEANUT BUTTER!

* i keep having a recurring dream/nightmare that my mom is in pain and hurting and i cant help her or get to her. i keep trying but i cant reach her and shes calling my name and yelling help me! its super duper WACK!!

now you know…BIOOOTCH!


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not your average white chick...

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