i love my odie…

since i brought my otis home from brentwood, california (waaaay up north) he has brought me so much joy. some headaches and some worry, but mostly good times. he has made me proud in the last few weeks. i guess its kinda like a mom that watches her child grow up, just not AS rewarding.last week, brianna and i took the dogs to second street. this was otis’ first time. i walked him up and down to get him used to the folks and other dogs. he does need help with this, he just kept pulling and pulling as we were walking. but for dinner, brianna and i ate at taco surf. they have a patio and most folks eat out there and leave their dogs right outside the fence. odie did really well with this. i thought i would be super embarrassed by his behavior. not so much.he always loves riding in the car. as soon as we approach my truck and he hears the door unlock, he gets all excited and jumps right in. he doesnt climb on me anymore, he just stays on his side and looks out the window. whenever we go out on excursions, he’s always so worn out when we get home. now, he has his new bed to lay in. im so happy that he hasnt tried to eat this one up or tear it apart! my baby is growing up!


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