the vacuum saga…

i have been on the hunt for an affordable vacuum that works well on hardwood floor and can also pick up the dog hair from my rugs. i bought a dirt devil stick kind of cheap vacuum. it works wonders on the hardwood but is lackluster on the rugs. my rugs look so hairy, it looks like its made of beagle hair. well not really, but you get the picture. so i borrowed the shark from work. its a rechargeable, cordless vacuum. it has a carpet setting and a floor setting. this thing works wonders. otis spilled my fried rice and it picked it all up. i had to empty the lil‘ bin like 3 times from all the otis hair in the rug. i may have to go and get one of these bad boys.

sara had been telling me that she bought a new vacuum. so, she wanted to give me her old one. i have no problem taking hand me downs. so i take it. we put it in the car today then we go to the block. we came back out to the car and this thing made my truck smell like 15 day old nba shweaty socks. we drove around, left the windows open and it still stunk. could i keep this thing? we had to ditch it. so we go down 2nd street on our way to the yard house. i pull down the alley to dump it. i jump out, sara asks if i need help…i tell her no, stay in the car. i pull out the vacuum, trying to be discreet and the whole thing makes soooo much noise, all the attachments fell OFF. so much for being quiet. so i dump it and run back and get in the truck and peel off. i felt like i had done a jewel heist or something. sara and i were cracking up and we had to pee so bad. we made a u-turn, back toward the scene of the crime and peed at JitB. my accomplice and i then enjoyed a wonderful dinner on the patio at tequila jacks. (yard house wait was too long)! WHAT and adventure!


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