1st Meme..

I saw this on someone else’s blog..i know they are supposed to tag me, but oh well!

5 things in your purse…
*cell phone
*about 15 various MAC lip glosses
*knife…i live on the EAST now

5 favorite things in your room…
*tv..i watch it to fall asleep
*dream charm hanging from the fan
*the drawer of fun..no explanation needed
*my queen bed…cant believe i slept on a full size for 25 years
*my perfume…gotta always smell good

5 things you’ve always wanted to do…
*go to NY…the above knife may be needed
*get married
*have my own family
*be a bartender…really i do!
*travel the world aimlessly, no cares or worries

5 things you are into…
*my myspace mob
*my beagle OTIS…my practice at being a mommy
*making the world a better place

5 people you want to tag…
*dunno who
*else reads that
*has a blog!



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not your average white chick...

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