get the party started…

its all about the build up. ive been looking forward to the YANEZ annual 4th shindig. in preparation, sara and i got our toes did!volume 2 of the fancy toes chronicles. sara got red with white stars on the big toe. i got red, white and blue. i love that the colors are shimmery. its real pretty. this might be my favorite. not sure why im being so crazy with the toes. hmmm!?!

what could i be making? study the picture! 🙂

thats right..JELLO SHOTS! my inaugural batch of jello shots. jen and i had some last weekend, so i decided to make some to take to the 4th shindig. i had to research it on the web because i didnt remember how amy told me to make them. it was fairly easy. i got one package of cherry and one package of some sorta blue flavor. as you can see, the liquor of choice is malibu rum. those 2 packages made soooooo many. id say close to 100 shots. we gonna get faaaaded! hopefully yari drinks with us too! (come on, yari!!) being that ive never made them before, im keeping my fingers crossed that they come out right and that they are tasty. we shall see…ill report back! maybe with more shindig photos!


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