a new prospective…

a parent was telling me today to count my blessings. i stopped and thought, but what do i have to be thankful for? my shit is fucked up. compared to some others, my shit is trivial…

*im somewhat healthy
*i woke up this morning
*i can walk, see, talk and use my arms
*i have a family that loves me
*friends that are here for me
*otis, who keeps me active and busy
*a job and a paycheck
*a roof over my head
*im fun and creative at times

i am quite thankful for all these things. i am now taking the time to think about other peoples problems when i begin to complain about petty nonsense stuff. for example, my girl jen is in sacramento at the trial of the motherfucker that killed her mom and lil’ sister. how hard that must be. i could not even imagine having to relive all the emotions and heartache all over again. or when i volunteered at the childrens cancer torch run…seeing all the afflicted kids and their families. MY WOES ARE NOTHING! I will continue to count my blessings!


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