weekend ketchup…

fyi…i do have tv and cable again! thank you baby jesus!

saturday was mellow. otis and i went to the dog park and hung out for a few hours. he was very well-behaved. we got home and he was worn out.

sunday, otis and i went back to dog park. pretty well behaved again. real mellow, humping and just roaming around. not real social. he did roll in a huge mud puddle and all of his white fur was BLACK! thaaaaaaaaanks! bath time when we got home! then he was worn out.

next on my agenda…misabekahs baby shower! i won a prize, miss katy and her goooood memory! dont hate! it was pretty mellow. but it was nice to catch up with the girls. we don’t do that enough! mia’s getting big, yari’s getting married, nicholas is beautiful, gloria’s gonna babysit, kelly is getting married. life happens. but anyways, rebekah got lots of good stuff. i have to get PATRICK a present after I get paid. it’s no fun being broke.

neeeeeext, go pick up otis to hang out at susies. awww yea, just like old times GIRRRLFRIEND! otis was tryna get his money with precious the whole time. we had wings, beer and of course the LAKER game! we lost, but it was all good! lots of pg-13, sometimes r-rated fun!

busy busy weekend! it doesnt slow down next weekend either! jesus lord, help me!


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