sisterly fun…

after wasting the whole day yesterday, waiting for the cable guy that never showed up, i was NOT going to sit in the house again. sara and i had planned to go lay out, buuut it was too windy. sandburn is not a good look. so we opted for a day on 2nd street. our mission? to find new toe polish colors. after several stores, i found what i was looking for. mod o.p.i. colors in green and blue. my original idea was to do opposite polka-dots. but when we got to the toe place, i saw a girl with stripes and decided, that is the look for me.sara opted for the more conservative look of white with blue stripes. its super fun and cute. why not? they are just toes!

after our shopping excursion, it was on to bjs. yum-o! i hadnt been there in months. i had my signature cobb salad and buffalo chicken pizza. with NO PIZOOKIE! yes, that right, i decided against it. instead…i bought some jelly bellys next door at the new candy store. sara and i love hanging out and doing nothing.


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