update on my so called life…

alot has been going on since i last posted. my treatment for trich is going well! i had a few minor bumps in the road adjusting to my meds, but im better now. i do see a major improvement in my pulling or lack there of. i go back next week for an update with my PCP. she wanted me to be hooked up with a therapist by then, so i really need to get that ball rolling.

lakers beat the the jazz and are now onto the next round to woop up on the spurs. the first game is tonite! woo hoo!

jelani and ada were in town for ronnell’s wedding! this was my first time meeting ada. she’s super cool. we all hung out a few times and went out to dinner too. very interesting…i went to a bbq at aunt serenas house. it was quite awkward at 1st, but they made me feel pretty comfortable. i didn’t want any of his family thinking that i was coming around to get back with jabari. so far from the case. he and i were cordial with each other. we didn’t have any issues. too bad he fugged up too many times.

this weekend is p.s. with the stine girls. i have to do soooo much laundry and pack all my stuff. too much to do…so little time!


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