out with the old…

This weekend was GREAT! amy, jennifer and i had a yard sale. my portion of shit sold well. sold everything i needed to get rid of. that way i dont have to move it; couch, chairs, tools, old tv stand, all of jabaris clothes and shoes. it was a good day, the sun was shining had lots of laughs with the girls. overall productive day…this white girl was worn out tho. nothing could stop me tho…after i took a rejuvenating shower it was off to MAC with amy and kylie. gotta have a treat to end the day off right. then good food? saturday was PERFECT.

Sunday was fantastic too. got to hang out with the old OP fam. it was good to catch up. i hadnt really hung out with them at a function since jabari and i broke up. luckily no one asked…i thought steves mom would tho. that was her boy. nevertheless, anthony had a good birthday. GOOOOD TIMES!

The weekend ended off super too. my dry spell is no more. katy without sex for close to 3 months? that jus aint right. but im back on top! HAHAHAHAHAAH!

more later about the apartment!


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