home again home again, jiggity jig…

alot has gone on since my last blog.

if any of you visit myspace you know!

Wednesday, 10/10-Otis got kidnapped. I dont have the energy to get into details. But he was gone. We looked for him for about an hour and a half in the trucks. I roamed the street after dark looking for him. Nothing! I posted posters, Beth put an ad in the Press Telegram and I continued to look.

Thursday, 10/11-I didn’t get any sleep, hoping Otis would come home. I went to work, posted a poster there. I was a mess. The kids were so loving. At lunch, I went to the pound. NO OTIS! I couldnt take being at work anymore. I went home. Tried to take a nap when my phone ring. THe dognapper called and wanted the reward money. About 4:15pm, I got my Otis back. By 6pm we were on the road to pick up Jaylen and Tasha for an evening of Halloween Haunt at Knotts Scary Farm. That was fun.

Whew….more to post later!


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