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Will I be a good stepmom? I mean, so far so good. We’ve gone out and hung out on several occassions and we have not had any issues. Then again, I have not been in the situation where I have had to reprimand her or tell her what to do. Jaylen is a good girl, just beginning her teenage years. She has asked to spend time with us every other weekend. The last 2 weekends in a row, we have gotten her. Just because. Jaylen seems to enjoy the time that she is with us/me/Jabari. I’m thinking that it is a good thing that she set forth to arrange the idea of us all hanging out. Things have been going well with her mom and I. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that that keeps up. I don’t want any un-needed drama in my life. Can I look at this step-mom thing like practice for my own? Uhh, no not really. My own child would be sooo different. I have total positive feelings toward Jaylen. I just want to make the whole 2 sets of parents thing ideal. Well, as ideal as it can be!

I can’t wait to have my own kid.


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