“the brave one”…we saw this movie last weekend. it was the best movie that i’ve seen in a great while. it was not at all like the commercials or previews that i saw. but i was so impressed. if you didnt see it and want to…please dont continue to read.

i love the movies that have super woman empowerment type shit. you; “enough”, “sleeping with the enemy”, etc. jodie foster was a GANGSTER in this movie. i found myself cheering her on was she was killin’ folks. there were a few sexual parts and jaylen automatically covered her face. the movie was so good that i may even buy the dvd when it comes out.

i must admit though, the movie has me a little bit spooked. being in a new place and after hearing that one of my co-workers’ son was attacked on the west side…i get kinda scared when i walk the dog at night. alot of the times, im wiggin myself out. last night, i was on the side street, a few houses down and a SUV pulled up to the stop sign and sat there for a while. the windows were tinted and i couldnt see in it. that made me kinda leary…then 4 dudes jumped out. my heart almost jumped OUT OF my chest. it turns out they were going across the street to my neighbors house. and my angst was all for nothing. i dont like feeling like that. i dont want to second guess every person i see, but on the other hand i need to watch out for myself and stay safe.

whats a white girl to do?


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