off with his nuts…

(tilt your head to right for better view…lol)

my poor doggie! i had to drop him off at the vet to get nuetered. i cried when they took him from me. the receptionist and the lady behind me even started crying. i just felt bad for him, i knew he would be in pain later.

i called to check on him at 12:30. the receptionist said he was awake and doing well. jabari and i went to pick him up after work. it was so pitiful to see him with the big cone on. it was even more pitiful when we got home and he couldn't get up the TWO steps in front of the house. his cone kept getting caught because he didnt lift his head up high enough. i didnt sleep well because i was afraid he was gonna barf or pee on the carpet. last night was the first time i left him out of his kennel all night. he did well though. i only had to take him out to pee at 2am.

i was sad leaving him this morning because i had to put him in his kennel. but jabari will be home at 430 to tend to him. poor little otis!


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