caspian update #416…

Jabari and I went to the house today. He was to meet Rodney so that they could finish the insulation in the ceiling. It was still hot…103 degrees, according to the ‘hoe! When we pull up, to my surprise, it is the LABOR DAY BLOCK PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA. The street was blocked off and they were settin’ up tables, chairs, jumpers, slides, etc. Mid-work, Jabari decided that we should BBQ right along with them. Sooooooo, I was off to gather the stuffs. I got a new grill, chicken, hot links, chips, soda, water and kool-aid jammers for micah and jordan. It ended up being a VERY productive day. Rodney finished the insulation, I scrubbed the hall bathroom and swept the backyard patio, Jabari and I painted the master bedroom AND we had our first BBQ. We got there around 10 am and didn’t leave until after 8 pm. Tomorrow I meet with the carpet man. I hope to paint the front bedroom one day this week. Maybe after work. I also need to call for an inspection of the insulation. Soooo much to do in so little time.

It was truly a LABOR day for us! We LABORED for some hours…


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