weekend recap…

FRIDAY-hung out with the sisters at ejs. then beth and i went over to the station to meet up with stevie. jabari and his friends met us there too. beth got super trashed and i had to take her home. cool night…not buzzin’ at all though.

SATURDAY-sleep sleep sleep. i did do a little bit of laundry though. then auts and i had an adventure to find jRo’s performance in pasadena. how bout we ended up in culver city!? once we got there, it was cool…kinda different, but cool none the less! muuurr muhhhrrr…muurr!

SUNDAY-bonanza for breakfast with my man my man. mayfair carshow; we picked up otis and stevie too. it was damn hot. me and otis got kicked out of the park; no dogs allowed. JERKS! later, me, isaac and otis went to the dog park. fun! to end the evening? bourne ultimatum with jabari. i took a mini nap for a few minutes in the middle. but it really was a good movie, i was just tired!



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