the more i deal with banks, the more i get fed up. i deposited a rather large check into my accout last week. i went online monday to verify that it was put through. it didnt appear to me that a hold was placed on it. all the monies showed on my account. so today, i try to use my ATM, and it declines it. WTF?!? so i call the bank. some of my money will be taken off hold today and the remainder will be accessible on 8/24. how can they split my check into portions and ration what i can and cannnot use? this is nuts! maybe i should jus keep all our $$ in a shoebox under the bed! I HATE ALL FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, THE FDIC, BIG BROTHER, CIA, IRS AND ANY OTHER APPLICABLE ACRONYM!


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Posted on August 15, 2007, in money, venting. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a comment.

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