i’m goin’ to …

Jabari’s nickname for Cristian is Hollllywoooood! So, why not take him to his namesake? What a fun day!! Load everyone up in the tahoe (susie, steve, cristian, anthony, katy and jabari) and jump on the freeway. All you need is a trusty GPS and you can go anywhere. Our first destination? Hollywood Boulevard and the “Walk of Stars”.Half of the folks, we did not know. But we point out the ones we do. George Lopez! Mickey Mouse! Chick Hearn! Celine Dion! Then we come upon Hollywood and Highland. I’d been to the Kodak Theater but not walked around in the plaza area. Just like a lil’ outside shopping area. Nothing too fancy! Keeeep on truckin! Next…on to Graumans Chinese Theater. Oh dear, what a clusterfuck! Too many folks and dressed up characters. But I did trip out on how small Marilyn Monroes’ feet are!Let us progress! Do we go to the Wax Museum or take a tour? Is it worth it? How much is lunch gonna cost? We’d already paid $10 for parking. Nawww, skip it. Let’s go back to the car. Anyways, we are all hungry, it’s hot and the kids are starting to fight. Onnnnn to Pink’s World Famous Hot Dogs. Luckily, when we get there, the line is not tooo long! My dog of choice was a 10 incher (niiiiice!) with nacho cheese and bacon! Yum-o! And it only took 45 to 50 to get it. Susie had the fanciest “Millennium Dog” with tomatoes, guacamole, jalapenos and I don’t know what else. Gotta check her myspace for the pic. That dog was LARGE! The time on the meter was running short, time for the next leg of the funky expedition. Kat Von D’s biggest fan, Steve Yanez, requested to see the site of LA Ink. Nothing much to see, other than the outside sign and tinted windows. But we did drive by. Been there, done that! How can we visit Hollywood without taking Cristian to the closest vantage point of the HOLLYWOOD SIGN! The GPS took us to the best photo opp. It was still far but, it was all good. We all had a fun day. And to top it off, I got to spend the day with my man, my man! I love him!


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