a walk in the park…

i figured it was time to give Otis a bath. so beforehand, we went to the DOG BEACH. i wasn’t sure how he would do. we got there and i found out that he was not allowed. for two reasons; he does not have a license yet annnnnnnd hes not 4 months old yet. but, oh well…we went anyway. Otis was all about the ocean water at first. then he got wiped out by a wave and then he was done. he wanted to run run run. he did really well with the other doggies. he wasn’t scared and didn’t bitch out. he ran, tumbled and played with most of them. we did see 2 other beagles. WOW, were they fat. they were 4 and 5 years old. they were huge. i hope Otis doesn’t get obese.

on several occasions, Otis layed in the sand and rolled around. can you imagine his white parts? FILLLLTHY! i have an idea for the dog beach “powers that be”…a doggy shower near the parking lot. that would be ideal. all in all…Otis had a blast. needless to say, he is sleepin’ right now!


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