happy 75th…

today would have been my mom’s 75th birthday! i wish she was here so that we could celebrate her “birthday month”. but she lives on in my heart. i would trade anything to hear one of her pep talks right about now. she always had a way of making negative things seem more positive or at least seem that way.

in light of that..i want to share a few memories…

1) almost everytime i would go out or try to leave the house in a hurry..as im walking out the front door. i would hear from the back of the house, “katerrrrrrr, can you run to the store and get me some cigarettes?” i would immediately roll my eyes and say, “ok, ill bring back when i come home!” ohhhh no, she needed them right then. did i mention i was walking out the door? too funny!
2) anytime anyone would call for me and i wasnt there. “can i speak to katy?” “shes not here, is there any message?” the friend would or would not leave a message and them mudder would jus dunk. no goodbye or nuthin. gotta love her!
3) i was real little, playing in the backyard. maybe i was 2? i saw her bring my crib out of the house is several pieces. i remember asking what she was doing with it, and why was it broken? i got the news that i was gonna sleep in the big girl bed in saras room! muahahahahha! that was the first day of many ruined lipsticks, changed radio stations, intruding on phone calls, etc.

i could go on and on…

i miss you mud!


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