bath time…

today i gave otis his first bath. he was starting to smell like a dog and i dont like that. we started in the kitchen sink…hmmm, ya that didnt work. too easy for him to escape. sooooo, on to the bathtub. that was easier. still tricky to keep him in there with all the soap and whatnot. i dont know how thorough a job i did, but it was my first time. when he got out, i towel dried him. he shook and shook and shook. i layed out a comforter on the couch with a towel over the top (doubled up). he was rolling around like crazy. thennnnnnn, i think he got cold and was shivering. he curled up right next to me. so i covered him with his blankie and he knoooooocked out. whew…i get a rest.


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