home at last…


friday morning we set out at 6:15am headed for Brentwood California. ohhh no, not the brentwood in LA. brentwood up near the bay area. it took us exactly 5 hours to get there. hardly any traffic. lovely.

we get to denise’s house, the breeder, and she wasnt ready for us. we were ahead of schedule. so we went to fill up the truck with gas and eat lunch. we came back about 20 minutes later and my otis was all cleaned up. he was hardly ready to go though. i picked him up and he started crying. we walked to the door and denise’s daughter wanted to hold him one last time. she did and otis jumped out of her arms and ran back to his mommy. HOW SAD!

so then we left…why did he cry, wimper and HOWL for about and hour and a half from the time we left? he missed his mommy and his brother and sister. he finally went to sleep and didnt wake up again until about magic mountain. then we had crying and wimpering, on and off, for the next hour and a half. traffic was dumb coming home. needless to say, when we came home he was worn out. we had 2 potty accidents in the house. thank god for NATURES MIRACLE deodorizer stuff.

i dreaded putting him back in his kennel to sleep. i waited til he got sleepy. then i put him in there. we fough for about 10 minutes, he finally gave in and layed down. i sat with him to make him feel secure for about 20 minutes, then i closed the kennel door and went to sleep. he woke up once at 1am. he was crying, so i took him outside. he peed on the grass! YAAAAAAAAAY OTIS! i put him back in the kennel and went back to sleep. he woke up again at 6am, crying again. so i took him out. peed again. we came back in, he was actin’ wierd so we went back out. this time he dumped outside! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY OTIS! i hope our accidents are minimal.

i think we are going to the park today…more pics later.


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