pinche’ breeder lady…

Otis from Missouri will not be coming to Long Beach.

I got an email from Michelle, the breeder, last night. Supposedly and allegedly, the puppy still has a “cough” and vet wanted him to have one more week before flying. NOOOOOOOOO WAAAAY! Gimme my money back bitch. I am so hurt and sad. Two weeks in a row and this bitch was stringing me along. I personally think that she wanted him to herself. If that was the case she shoulda just told me that. No lies. She offered me a puppy from the new litter. I simply asked her to return my money and I will make my decision later. I am not messing with that lady anymore. I took time off to be with the puppy and everything. I checked my paypal and the funds were transferred back. I just have to figure out how to access them.

My quest continues for a closer puppy. One that I may drive to pick up. None of this flying business. Hopefully a breeder that will be more honest.

I’ll keep y’all posted…


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