end to a stressful week…

with all that’s been going on, it was cool to unwind at the beach with good friends. we didn’t get to go to yaris graduation celebration, so we celebrated her graduation and birthday on the same day. when we got there, we were surprised to see…Melissa and Juan Cruz.we got a chance to catch up and fill her in on all the oakwood gossip. boy is she glad that she’s gone. anywho…we had weenies and marshmallows. yummy…great friday night dinner. ohhhh and to wash it down with some wonderous corona. there was talk of some ice cream cake, but we didnt get into it. just some good laughs and watching the kids and playing with the fire. thats always the highlight of my time. i love to watch the fire.
im not a pyro, it just amazes me. the weather was perfect. it was like 80 something on friday. by the time we got to the beach, it was still in the 70s. i had my hood on most of the time, blowing hair drives me nuts.
and i had the best footwarmer i could ask for…NO CHARLIE HORSES at all. gotta love it. i love the beach and cant wait for us girls to plan another bonfire. i love you girls.


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