siete random factoids…

I saw this on someone else’s blog. anyone else (if theres anyone besides auts) that reads can feel free to participate and blog about your 7 random facts about yourself.

7 random facts about miss katy…

1. i wear my emotions on my sleeve. sometimes its very hard for me to hold them back. at times i need to ask for advice and keep my emotions in check. they can run me at times.

2. i am an animal lover. except birds. absolutely DESPISE birds. as of thursday, i will have 2 pets. one bearded dragon, named cleo. shes a year and a half. one beagle puppy. still not sure of his name. that will be decided on thursday.

3. if i was in a stable place in my life. i would want to have a baby today. i love kids so much. i know i would be a great mommy. i cant wait to enter mommy-dom. i get scared when i think about it. but i think i will be a natural.

4. not so happy with my job these days. alot of iffy situations goin on. after being a director for almost 8 years, i am told that i am going to sub teach for a month at our elementary school. odd!

5. theres not a whole lot i can do WITHOUT music; drive, work, clean, blog, sex, tan, etc. my music taste is quite diverse as well. i like almost anything. even a few country songs; faith hill, dixie chicks, etc.

6. Deleted to avoid drama!

7. i aspire to be like my mom. other than the guy troubles she had, she is my hero. i think about her all the time. she left the world too soon.


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