getting ready…

saturday i went out and started to buy supplies for “otis” homecoming. btw, “otis” is his unofficial name. i didnt get too much. i will just highlight my favorites. i cannot begin to tell you how excited i am for him to get here.
i of course had to get the “all i need to know about my beagle book.” i read through most of it already. still some more to skim through and re-read. i will definitely keep it on hand and refer to it. just as i do with my bearded dragon books.
a chew toy. i noticed that when i went to visit the beagles at the pet store, they were biting like crazy. so this toy is specifically for biting. i do not need any of our furniture or shoes tore up.
stain remover and odor eliminator. being that im going to be temporarily harboring this dog illegally (landlord says no pets)until the house is finished, if he makes a mess, i gotta clean it up. sara uses this stuff and says it is literally a miracle worker. hopefully i dont have to use it a lot. keep your fingers crossed.
i’m most excited about the football squeaker toy and leash. i can’t wait to take him for walks and play with him. in the background you can kinda see his blankie. its blue with sports stuff all over it. you think he’s going to be spoiled?

hmmmmm…only time will tell!


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