take time to…

smell the flowers!

well, at least look at them.

today, on my way to the laundry room, I noticed these real pretty hydrangeas. how many times have I walked right past them and not once seen them. lots of things are coming into perspective these days. I am taking alot of things for granted and I am realizing that I can’t let life slip by me. if that means checking out the flowers on the side of the
apartment, or getting out to take pictures, or getting my toes done with a baddy, or just chillin’ on the couch with jabari. i need to enjoy what life has to offer. last week, we watched the dvd
“the secret”
and it motivated me. if you want something, you’ve got to actually WANT it, take actions to get and think about it.

so, with that being said, I have made a list of things that I can work on to better myself:

1. be less stubborn

2. be more organized; at work AND home (less lazy)

3. take more pride in myself

4. practice better communication; don’t let things build up until I’m ready to explode


i know these will be something to work toward. only i can better myself. and i will be better godammit. 🙂 now a nice way to end this introspective post…

i have no idea what kind of flowering plant this is, but I love it. it’s got alot going on; the greenery, the blueish purpleish fuzzy stuff in the middle and then the pretty four-sided white flowers. it’s got alot going on, kinda like me!


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