happy FREEGIN’ mundee!

Don't you wish you could sleep like this? She looks like she's dead.

ok..so on to the nastiest highlight of my day. I'm holding my lizard, trying to put a leash on her to go outside. Well she was obviously mad at me for the excursion we went on to the pet store. She was trying to squirm away! Now I know it's because she had to take the biggest shit of her entire lifetime. MMMHMMM….all over my white capris and leg. It was the gnarliest thing EVER. Luckily I was near a child so I grabbed his blanket to cover my nose and mouth so that I would not have shit AND barf all over my pants. It literally made me sick. I had to rush home clean the pants, shower up, change my clothes and go back to work.

Whatever will I do when I have a child?


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