Caspian Update #3

It looks like a house from the outside now! Hence the new gabled roof. This is the view from the back. Don’t mind the sheets hanging in the windows. The black part to the right is the addition. The black stuff is the paper and the chicken wire to hold up the stucco. That is the next step for the outside. Eventually we may stucco the whole house.
This is the begginings of our new 4×4 shower. No need for a tub in the master bathroom. We will have one in the hall bathroom. I’m excited about my shower. Still thinking on the logistics of a shower door though. I wanted an open shower. But I don’t think its gonna happen.
This is the master closet. HUGE! We got lotsa stups to fill it up buddie. The only thing thats needed is a closet door. We have a sliding pocket door for the bathroom but no closet door. That startles me.
This is the view of the whole addition from the inside, standing in the doorway. Progress has been made. Not without mas drama though. BUUUUT, I am not going to focus on that. Tomorrow will be a better day! UPward and ONward.

The next 2 steps for us: put one of the beams up into the attic to eliminate the post AND insulation. Hopefully this weekend. Build it and they will come!


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