Friggin’ idiot!

I had it all arranged to borrow Berdo’s truck today so that we could go buy the insulation. We go pick it up, so far so good. We get to Home Depot, so overwhelming! Different sizes and lengths. I thought we were ahead of the game by knowing what value to get (R13 and R30), but that wasnt good enough. So, we get these 2 orange apron fellas to help us out. They were like tweedle dee and tweedle dum. They kinda knew what they were talking about, but kinda seemed like they were wingin’ it at the same time. So we end up with 8 packages of insulation. Mind you, 4 of them were like vacuum sealed together. Real big and cumbersome!

We get to the cashier, my HD card wont work. I forgot to pay the bill on time. So not thinking about it, I give the dude my ATM card. It goes through no problem. Im thinking we still have a couple hundred left after spending $400 on the insulation. We load up the truck, I call the bank. Mmmhhmm, we are overdrawn because of that transaction. NOt to mention the fact that it’s 1:30 on Saturday. I have no access to my savings account because the bank closed at 12. Niiice! We CANNOT go ALL weekend with no dinero.

Luckily I had a stash at home. A bonus check that I had not deposited from December. Ill just cash it, well be good to go. Nooooo, after going to 2 places, they won’t cash a check over a month old. FUCKING RAD! Then I think, I can go to my school and borrow money until Tuesday when I go to the bank. No parents paid cash. There’s no money in the safe. We came home. Jabari goes to visit his motorcycle. I get so frustrated that I go back to caspian, load up 4 of the 8 huge bags of insulation and take those bitches back to HD. That gives us enough money to last the weekend.

DAMMMIT, I really need to budget better!


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