for I’m Popeye the Sailor Man..toot toot!

ok, so I’m trying something new. It may seem trivial to most (thanks auts, lol) but its a big deal to me. Something new? awww yea!


I’ve been trying to cook more. So, why not branch out? I cleaned the spinach over and over and over. The thought of gritty spinach does not appeal to my tastebuds. Then I chopped it up and let it drain. Next comes the EVOO and garlic! I’ve got freshly crushed garlic, thanks to my new mortar and pestle. yaaaaaaay, filipino store (once again, thanks auts)!

With my spinach? Steak. Yummy yummy steak. And probably salad! I’ll report back after we eat.

All finished eating. It was tasty! The spinach is alot different than my good ol’ frozen stand by. But I liked it. Jabari liked it to. Next time I would try cooking it with butter instead of EVOO. Just to switch it up a bit.

All in all? 2 thumbs up!


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